2023 North America Seminar Schedule

Sept 13-17 Asia Gifts of the Spirit Intensive with Translation and with Live Webcast:  Asia Time Zone 9 am- 3 pm Tuition $2050  LINK Tuition Audit Discount $1650 LINK 

Sept 22-24 English Advanced Skills Intensive Channeling Seminar with Live Webinar  Garden City, UT Tuition $975 LINK Apprentice Discount or Psychic Skills Tuition $777 LINK  Discount for Audit Tuition $777  LINK  Facility Fee $150 LINK  We welcome all graduates of Gifts of the Spirit Intensive Years 2014-2022

October 26-29 Qabalah Ascension Symposium in St. George, UT Intensive In Person Seminar and LIVE WEBINAR for Auditing Guides Tuition $2222.00  LINK Apprentice Discount Tuition $1875.00 LINK  Audit Discount Tuition $1500.00 LINK Facility Fee For Those Attending in Person $300 LINK  October 30 Qabalah Teacher’s Program Intensive in Person Seminar:  Tuition $1500  LINK Facility Fee $200 LINK

November 16-20  Asia Qabalah Symposium with Chinese translation with Live Webcast Daily at 9 am to 5 pm $2222 LINK Apprentice Discount $1875 LINK Audit Discount $1500 LINK

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